Grow a Blog: March Traffic & Income Report [Grow With Me, Volume 3]

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Hey There!

MARCH IS OVER!!!! It’s been a difficult month of transitioning to life with a newborn, as well as celebrating a 4th birthday!

Trying to be serious about something you don’t yet get paid for while caring for two kids is difficult.

Many times during the month of March, my blog just had to take a seat on the backburner. There will be lots of opportunities to grow a blog in the upcoming months… I’ve discovered a few things about blogging and babies, and how they sometimes don’t mix:

  • Sometimes I was too tired to write.
  • A lot of times I was too emotional to write.
  • Sometimes I would go to write and the baby would wake up.
  • Often it took too damn long to put the baby to sleep, and I would just veg on Facebook
  • Hubby and I have been tag-teaming the kids and a snuggle with him was more appealing than writing
  • The weather started turning nicer, so I’d take our oldest outside with baby brother in the Tula

Ugh… but I slogged through and did what I could- and I’m proud of that! I’m not a #noexcuses mom… I often shape my decisions and my day around making sure I am taken care of.

I’ve found over the years that a mentally exhausted version of myself makes a for a terrible mother. So let me encourage you- on those days where you feel like eating chocolate and watching afternoon television, you sometimes should indulge!

In retrospect, having a brand new baby is a pretty awesome excuse to avoid working. I’m so blessed to be able to stay home for the first year of my baby boy’s life. When my maternity leave is finished, I’m really hoping that I’ve been able to spend enough time to grow a blog and make some income!

If you’re interested in seeing how my blog has grown in the last 3 months, I’d highly recommend checking out my previous income posts:

blog for money

I Want to Stay Home With My Kids.

This is my why for blogging. I want to have the flexibility to drive my daughter to school (starting next fall… oh, the tears!), express myself creatively outside of motherhood and contribute to my household finances. We can currently live on my husband’s income, but our financial goals of retiring early and paying off our home mortgage will stall out and we will be a slave to our finances instead of set free (see here, here and here how we were able to get out of consumer debt!).

So when a month like March comes and goes and my life is much too big and full to dedicate anything more than an hour or two each week to this endeavor, I come back to my why so I don’t just give up altogether.
In future months, when I struggle to grow a blog, email list, promote, Pinterest or whatever, these 8 words will be my guiding light and get me through to the other side!

Are You Thinking About Blogging?

To start my blog, I went with a cheap host, so as not to sink too much cost into this little adventure (I’ll inject more cash once I make more!). I decided to go with BlueHost and have had a very seamless experience.

If you’re interested in starting a blog, I’d definitely recommend trying a cheaper host over a free platform if you’re just getting your feet wet. I decided to use Bluehost, and so far, it’s been great.

If you are a mom and want to start a blog in the mom blogosphere, I’d highly recommend reading this ebook.

earn money with a blog |

It was my first stepping stone back into blogging and has saved me from making countless mistakes. It’s so good that a few months in, I will go back to it to see if I can glean anything else and apply it as I understand more. If you’re looking to grow a blog from the ground up, BUY THIS BOOK!


So Now… Month 3’s report!

My original vision of this blog was and still is to help moms win at home with their littles, prepare for birth and win with money. 

This last month or so, I have been thinking of narrowing down on these very topics as they relate to mental health and motherhood. I know that if I want to grow a blog, I need to narrow things down and relate articles to each other to get my bounce rate a bit lower.

So much of what I do and how I shape my life has to to with making sure I don’t go insane in the process. I was approached by a real-life friend who coaches and blogs to empower women about working together in the near future… more on that to come!

What I learned in March

Here’s a short list of things I learned in March:

  1. I can’t do everything and that’s ok
  2. The blog will be waiting for me when I am ready!
  3. A little bit of consistency helps, even if I’m just doing what I can.
  4. My 4-year-old can now do zippers, put on socks and open the car door. Stop growing up, girlie!

Page Views and Stats

One thing I’m really learning about is that I need to build an audience with this blog. I really want to be able to look back at these posts to see how far I’ve come, so I’m going to be vulnerable and share some statistics with you for my second month of serious blogging in March 2017.

Are you trying to grow a blog too? Leave your link in the comments, and we can become blogging BFFs!

Previous Reports:

January 2017

February 2017

I may add or delete stats as months go by and I place heavier importance on different things:

  • Pageviews: 9,013 (+2,478 from February!!!! I am so pleased!)
  • Pinterest Followers: 416 (+24)  Follow Me on Pinterest!
  • Facebook Page Followers: 16 (+3!) Follow me on Facebook
  • Email List: 4 (-)
  • Instagram: I am moving over to my personal insta page… I’m finding that a) all of my momblah followers also follow my personal profile and b) maintaining 2 Instagram accounts is a pain in the butt! Follow me on Instagram!

Posts in March:

  1. I Tried Acupuncture to Induce Labor (and it worked!!!)
  2. Baby Leo’s Birth Story
  3. Grow A Blog: February Traffic & Income Report [Grow With Me, Volume 2]
  4. Recovering from a 4th-Degree Tear – Your Life Isn’t Over!
  5. 5 Quick Tips If You’re Struggling With Newborn Sleep

March Goal Review

  1. SUCCESS! Post 5 excellent, long-form posts (1500+ words)
  2. FAIL! Take my top 3 posts and enrich them with affiliate links and cross-link (is that a word?) with other excellent posts on my blog
  3. SUCCESS!Follow my personal page here! Make a decision about Instagram- should I just use my personal account or build a brand account? (I NEED YOUR INPUT!)
  4. FAIL! Work on my bounce rate (it’s hovering at 90%… ouch) by linking to other great articles!
  5. 50% SUCCESS?? I was able to do most of my boards, and hid some that weren’t growing. I’ll call it a win! Get my boards up to 100+ pins each on Pinterest, continue to automate my pins using boardbooster

Monetizing My Blog

All of the advice I’ve read about monetizing a blog talk about creating little seeds that need to be watered and nurtured into income. With that in mind, here’s what’s on my list to nurture!

February Earnings:

  • Google Adsense: $10.72!
  • Amazon Affiliates: $1.24! Finally something on here! I’d like to make Amazon Affiliates a part of my strategy, but I need some winning posts to boost it. I’ll have to get my thinking cap on!
  • Other affiliate products that I use: BluehostBlogbynumber & Boardbooster (haven’t made any sales yet!)

Total: $11.96! I’ve made $19.88 in the last two months. Of course, I’d love to have a big report and big paycheque to brag about, but I’m making a little bit of progress every month! That is very exciting!

April Goals (even though we’re already 1/3 of the way through!)

  1. Post 4 excellent, long-form posts (1500+ words)
  2. Begin writing a blog post series on mental health
  3. Email list- get an opt-in bar
  4. Email list- send 2 emails this month
  5. Organize and create title images for my Pinterest boards
  6. Find a guest poster! Anyone interested? Email me!


So blogging is harder than I imagined it would be with 2 kids. I’ve decided to just keep on trucking through and trying to be consistent. I won’t beat myself up when my kids need me more than my blog- I will have time to invest in my blog and make it grow when they’re a bit bigger. The month of April is even starting to give me more time to invest an hour here or there. In May, we’ll be sleep training (GASP!!!!! We sleep trained our oldest at 3 months as well and it changed our lives!).

Thanks for reading!

Are you trying to grow a blog too? Leave your link in the comments, and we can become blogging BFFs!

Hi, I’m Terrin!

I’m a mom-of-two transitioning to staying at home and rediscovering myself.

I have a lot of opinions on methods to motherhood that help me keep my own sanity, which in turn helps me be the best mom to my kiddos.

I love reading and making new internet mom friends, so introduce yourself in the comments!!

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  1. Way to go Terrin!!! You are doing great. ???

    I started my blog in March and it seems like we have a very similar story.

    I currently became a stay at home mom for my two kids. Jason is 3 years old and Emma just turned 4 month so I completely understand the struggle. Lol

    I would love to connect and start out journey together.

    Nataly recently posted…Best Children PrayerMy Profile

  2. I appreciate your honest perspective about the struggles of blogging with two young children! I’m impressed with your page views and look forward to hearing more about your blogging journey.

  3. Like you, I’m in the VERY early stages of monetizing, like making $5-10 per month with Amazon affiliates. It’s so good to read your experience…and for the record I’m amazed that you were able to accomplish all that with a newborn. I think you’re smart to give yourself blogging breaks as needed with a little one around. Good luck!

  4. I hear ya on these points. March seemed like that kind of month for many of us. You do what you can and that’s okay. I have five kids myself so I know how much it can take out of you just being a parent. Good luck on your goals this month and in the future!

  5. I am impressed and encouraged as a new blogger (blogging for about 9 months now)!! Thanks for sharing! Oh, and I love reading “our financial goals of retiring early and paying off our home mortgage”… we share those same goals!! Go, Mama, Go!!

  6. Heather

    Hi, I just found your blog today. I am also in the process of starting a blog. I bought my domain name and hosting in the beginning of February and still don’t have it up yet!! Even with just one child, it’s still difficult to put a lot of time into it as a mom. Thanks for the encouragement in your post. We can do this!

    I saw that you sleep trained your oldest at 3 months old. What are some things you did? My son is 5 months and we are struggling. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  7. I so appreciate your struggles! We’re at different life points and my children are now grown, but I so remember the difficulties of studying for exams with three children under 4 years old. I admire your tenacity, it really is hard with little ones! Take heart when I say that it doesn’t necessarily get easier…just different!

    As others have commented, your pageviews are great! Keep up the good work (when you can 😉 )
    Nicola recently posted…My Personal Goals Progress Update for April 2017My Profile

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