June 2017 Traffic and Income Report [Grow With Me Vol. 6]

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If you’re interested in seeing how my blog has grown in past months, I’d highly recommend checking out my previous income posts:

So in past reports, I’ve really been talking about wanting to stay home with the kids, helping moms and having an influential voice on the interwebs. Those are all still true today. I recently passed the halfway point of my awesome year of paid maternity leave, and am having a serious existential crisis.
As much as I loved my old job, trying to do that and be an awesome mom burnt me out. Like BURNT ME OUT. I really excelled when I was working 3 days a week, but the cost of 2 in daycare would basically wipe out any pay I’d receive. A lot of hassle for very little pay.
My husband and I sat down for my monthly existential crises after my 33rd birthday in July, and really, when it comes to finances, we’re going to be okay. I don’t know why, but for some reason, even though I manage our budget, I was so worried that we wouldn’t be able to make ends meet come January 2018. Turns out, with some heavy projections, we absolutely can.

Embracing Life

So instead of desperately trying to push something through to make the money thing work with this blog, I’ve decided to churn out quality posts that (hopefully) helps moms and moms-to-be. Instead of checking out from my mom-life to write and promote and do all the blog things, I’ve decided to be ever-present with them and have goals that include my life-life and not just my online life.
I’ve never felt so free. I started cooking more intricate meals, planning outings with my kids (yay summer!) and organizing my basement. Boxes that haven’t been touched in 10 years are getting sorted and organized! I even started walking every day and have been paying attention to my Fitbit steps count. I’m at my lowest weight since giving birth and am finally within 10 lbs of my pre-pregnancy weight!
So I guess the last month or so has really helped me seek and find a balance to my “Why” for this blog. It’s pretty hard to help people in their lives if I’m not living mine, right?

Are You Thinking About Blogging?

To start my blog, I went with a cheap host, so as not to sink too much cost into this little adventure (I’ll inject more cash once I make more!). I decided to go with Bluehost and have had a very seamless experience.

If you’re interested in starting a blog, I’d definitely recommend trying a cheaper host over a free platform if you’re just getting your feet wet. I decided to use Bluehost, and so far, it’s been great.

If you are a mom and want to start a blog in the mom blogosphere, I’d highly recommend reading this ebook. Suzi is an awesome fellow blogger who helps moms figure out this whole blogging thing. Her book is a literal step-by-step guide to getting your blog up, running and bringing in some cash!

earn money with a blog | www.momblah.com

It was my first stepping stone back into blogging and has saved me from making countless mistakes. It’s so good that a few months in, I will go back to it to see if I can glean anything else and apply it as I understand more. If you’re looking to grow a blog from the ground up, BUY THIS BOOK!

traffic and income report


How I’m Growing As A Blogger

I watched this fabulous video about Millennials by Simon Sinek. He mentions toward the end of the video that millennials have a tough time when they don’t see success right away. Unfortunately, that is me to a t!

I’ve been making minimal moves as a blogger, hoping that a million people will see them. Really though, why would people take the time to read things I haven’t invest enough of myself into? This is why I’m stuck at the pageviews I’m currently at.

This is my sixth income and traffic report, and I must say, I’ve been really disappointed that I haven’t made much traction in traffic or income in the last half year. But I’ve grown so much as a blogger.

Personal growth is much harder to measure than hard numbers. And this blog has been as much about my journey as it has been about anything else.

I can honestly say I’ve really been growing as a person, not just a blogger, in the last 6 months. I’ve been learning to let things go in my life, and to be comfortable at the stage I’m in. In the past, I’ve found myself in quite a few stages of life wishing for it to be over rather than enjoying it. So I’ve resolved to enjoy this phase.

This stage of my life is teaching me to finally balance things. I am an obsessive person. I tend to like to only do one thing at a time, and for almost 10 years, that one thing has been my former job. Even when I was doing the working mom thing, I focused heavily on my work and everything else took a back seat.

I think that part of my motivation to start this blog was something new to obsess over as I was desperate to escape a difficult pregnancy and my not-so-favorite newborn stage. Now that both of those have passed, I find myself wishing more for time to slow down so we can enjoy more of summer, more smiles, more innocence, and fun. I think that’s growth!

Traffic and Income

You can’t celebrate and improve on what you don’t measure. And that’s really why I keep track of my page views, stats, and income each month. 

Here’s my lovely assortment of statistics that I think are relevant:

Posts in June:

June Goal Review

  1. YAY! Continue to grow my Instagram account
  2. KINDA? Try writing every day for a week. I am usually a night owl, but I’ve noticed that by 7:30 I’m spent. My two kids take a lot of my energy. I’m considering waking up at 6:00 am to write some, but I am no morning person. Yikes. So the waking up at 6am thing definitely didn’t happen. I did manage to write 6 days in a row, minimum of 250 words. But the weather is really awesome, and summer is only really 2 months here in Canada…. so the zoo and park and pool have definitely been winning.
  3. NOPE. Get my ideas down on paper and create a focus board.

Monetizing My Blog

All of the advice I’ve read about monetizing a blog talk about creating little seeds that need to be watered and nurtured into income. With that in mind, here’s what’s on my list to nurture!

June Earnings:

Total: $9.46 – at least I’m almost making enough to cover my website expenses!

July is Half Over (oops!)

Even though the month is almost over, here are a few things I’m working on in both my blog and my life:

  1. Publish an article every week
  2. Write at least 250 words a day
  3. Cleaning out my basement
  4. 40,000 steps a week
  5. Healthier snacks- I started an Oatbox subscription and have been enjoying it over granola instead of consuming 800-1000 calories after dinner. No wonder I wasn’t losing weight, even with the breastfeeding!

Pressing On

I’m pretty happy to be working on a well-rounded life as a stay-at-home mom these days than just hustling to get this blog to become a success. Each post I write is building my blog, and every person I help with my content or otherwise is a pleasure!

Tell me, how are you growing this month? What things have you frustrated these days? How are you winning? Let me know in the comments below!

Leave your link in the comments, and we can become blogging BFFs!

Hi, I’m Terrin!

I’m a mom-of-two transitioning to staying at home and rediscovering myself.

I have a lot of opinions on methods to motherhood that help me keep my own sanity, which in turn helps me be the best mom to my kiddos.

I love reading and making new internet mom friends, so introduce yourself in the comments!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your traffic and income report! I’m on maternity leave with a 4 week old (I have a 3 year old too) and focusing on writing up quality posts on my blog. I am also a 33 year old Millennial and can totally relate about getting discouraged if I don’t see immediate results. Best of luck to you as you continue building your blog! It’s not easy balancing two kids and getting anything else done. 🙂

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