1. Jenna

    We took our pre-natal class with a couple of Dulas. (With baby #1). I loved all the advice they gave. It was empowering to have someone tell me that I can labour and deliver how I want (health risks aside) and not have to follow the typical hospital way of doing things. That said, going through labour and delivery the second time around was way better because I knew what to expect (baby 1 came with some issues – not as crazy as yours) and I felt better and more confident because I had already done it all before. I hope your second time around goes smoothly (and that he comes early!!). Also, the second time around the husband kind of knows what he’s doing and should be more helpful (at least Marc was).

  2. Felicia

    I’m so happy you have a doula! I never had a first birth experience with Peter being a c section, but JJ was amazing and smooth and my doula was a giant part of that! Sooooo good! I hardly remember the pain but mostly remember all the amazing support from her and jamie.

  3. I love this post. When I was pregnant I was unfortunately not informed on my options as far as doula’s and midwives but fortunate enough to have an amazingly calm and patient doctor. Should I have a second kiddo a doula is an option I would for sure consider especially with these great reasons.

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