Blackout Curtains- How to Darken Your Baby’s Room On Any Budget

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So in my post about Improving Your Baby’s Sleep, talked about the great importance of your baby sleeping in a dark environment. This can be difficult to accomplish if you have big windows in your baby’s room! Blackout curtains to the rescue!

I discovered early in my daughter’s infancy that one of the most important things to remember during daytime naps is a dark room. When you’re sleep training, one of the main factors that play into how well your baby will sleep is their environment.

Here are a few options to utilize blackout curtains in your baby’s room:

Blackout Curtains on Any Budget

Ultra Low Budget ($8 on!)


  • Tin Foil
  • Scotch Tape

Lots of people think that garbage bags or cardboard boxes are the simplest way to black out a room, but tin foil is the clear winner in my book! It’s entirely opaque, making your room extra dark for good sleep vibes.

Garbage bags tend to be quite translucent, so the room isn’t 100% blacked out, and cardboard can be difficult to fit perfectly to the window. If you don’t use heavy duty tape, it can fall out, and the heavy tape can leave a residue behind. No mom has time to clean that up!

This is why I love tin foil! It’s very portable, so you can take a roll and some tape with you if you’re on the road, and the scotch tape is very easy to remove when you’re finished! You can also use a painter’s tape if you’re leery of scotch tape, but be warned. Painter’s tape can tend to fall off in colder or damper environments.

When I use tin foil to create my makeshift blackout curtains, I simply tape it to the window frame, or even better, the frame around the screen for the window! It creates a 100% blackout curtain feel to the room for pennies!

Time to install: 5 minutes

Difficulty: insanely easy

Medium Budget ($52 on!)


  • Special curtain rod
  • blackout curtains

Use this specific curtain rod, made by Umbra. It curves in at the ends, so that your curtains hug the wall, blocking out more light!

These blackout panels! They come in several colors. We put pink ones in our 4-year-old’s room and black ones in the baby’s room. Both work VERY well!

Time to install: ~30 minutes

Difficulty: Medium

Measure, level, and drill the holes for the mounting brackets. Hang the curtain rod. Hang the curtains. Voila! Done!

Higher Budget (~$100-400 on

*not a sponsored post (yet?)

When we moved into our new home, we used to cover all of our massive windows. I immediately fell in love with their double honeycomb blackout blinds! They do a really great job of blocking out the midday Sun, even on large windows!

The installation process was surprisingly easy, and we were very impressed with the quality for the value. Our son’s window was 51″ by 48″, so we knew it wasn’t going to be cheap at all to put a blind on it. We had seen quotes well above double the price we paid at! We even opted for an upgrade and went with a push-up/pull down blind instead of one with strings or a chain, so we know he can’t get caught up in it or yank the whole thing down!

The quality and durability of the blind are amazing. It feels sturdy, heavy and durable. They do an excellent job of blacking out any room. They are easy to dust and come in lots of colors to match your room’s decor. If you have some extra funds in your room decorating budget, I would definitely recommend investing in these blinds!

Time to install: ~30 minutes

Difficulty: medium

Blackout Curtains!!!!

There you have it! Three options to black out your child’s room to get those awesome daytime naps you’ve been dreaming of!

Tell me in the comments: do you have any hacks for daytime sleep?


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