Best Gift for New Moms = Keurig Machine

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best gift for new moms

An Ode to Coffee

Coffee is the lifeblood of motherhood. I’ve powered through one baby and toddlerhood on java and am just starting my second round with baby #2. At least 2 cups a day. 3 or 4 cups after a long, sleepless night.

Each cup poured perfectly with my Keurig machine. Like a sweet, sweet nectar that pours from its spout, just moments after I click down on the coffee pod as it mixes gently with my sweetened non-dairy creamer.

Goodness, I love that machine.

Six years ago, long before kids, my husband went to a wedding social and entered his name in to win a Keurig machine. And he won! He became husband of the decade that day! All these years later, I can’t live without my Keurig machine.

It’s my essential on my “baby gear” must-have list, even though it’s not really for Baby. It’s really the best gift for new moms!

All the moms I know are or became coffee drinkers when they became a mom. And having a machine that will make a cup of coffee in less than a minute is a godsend.

Seriously, if you’re trying to think of the best gift for new moms, don’t go for the fluffy blankets, fancy rocking machines, cool toys or adorable clothes,


Because she will be mostly asleep some mornings when she fires that baby up. Looking after and keeping a little 8-pound bundle of joy is not easy work!

It’s not just a great baby shower gift idea, it works for all occasions:

  • Mother’s day is coming up? Get her a Keurig.
  • Christmas? Keurig.
  • Birthday? Keurig (and steak… you need birthday steak!)

The Machine

The great thing about Keurig Machines is that they come in different colors and styles. You can buy a behemoth machine that has a tank on it and makes carafes of coffee, all the way down to the ever-cute one cup maker (now available in some gorgeous colors sure to make your kitchen beautiful).


Once the main machine is purchased, you can even get gifts to accessorize the machine. What mom doesn’t want cute accessories and a fully stocked cupboard? Plus, you’ll have gift ideas for the next dozen gift-obligated occasions!

These things are awesome if you want to do your own brew:

Think Coffee cups:


Keurig pod variety packs:


Specialty coffees and teas:


Flavored creamers (dairy and non-dairy)


So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. A coffee machine is a wonderful gift for a mom, young or old, experienced or not! It’s the best gift for new moms, because most other people are busy buying off the baby registry! Seriously, I use mine every day and love it!

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  1. For sure moms need coffee! It is our life blood! Especially something like a Keurig that you can push one button one-handed. Let’s be real, we do not have enough arms to do all that water pouring and we do not have the time to wait for an entire pot to brew! We need easy and FAST!

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