1. Brave of you to share so honestly something rarely talked about. I remember wondering what recovery would really be like, fortunately my tearing was not as bad as yours – ouch. Hope you continue to heal.

  2. Nicola

    Wow, that sounds so painful. I was ‘lucky’ to have only had minimal tearing (3 children), but even a small amount was painful. Applaud your honesty on this touchy subject!

    • Hey Stephanie! Things are slowly getting better! I’m 14 weeks postpartum now and feel great! I am still working on normal postpartum stuff like bladder control, and the one lingering thing from the tear is definitely still bowel movements. For the most part, things have healed nicely, but if I have a large or firm bowel movement, I tend to re-tear and it’s quite painful. A good incentive to eat my greens and drink plenty of water!

  3. Emma

    I also suffered a 4th degree tear (1 month ago!) and a subsequent infection and was completely unprepared for it. It does seem like a rather isolating experience as people don’t seem to discuss these things openly so thank you for sharing your story. It honestly helps me to hear it and I hope my recovery will goes as well as yours has!

  4. Anonymous

    I have 4.5 degree tearing and am 11 days postpartum.
    Very concerned with how long this healing will be taking place, and if things will be normal again.
    Stool softeners started kicking in a few days ago but before then the pain was unbearable.

  5. Nicole

    Thank you for sharing. I’m 4 weeks PP with a level 4 tear and it’s been really hard.. Just starting to come off of the hydrocodone and moving to just the heavy duty Motrin. Looking forward to updates as I’m nervous about the healing process long term.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your troubles! I’m 9 months postpartum, and things are much much better now. I will write an update soon for how things are going with the healing of my 4th degree tear. Some things are fine, some need fine tuning!

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