Best Gift for New Moms = Keurig Machine

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4th Degree Tear- 6 Week Followup

Hey there! So this is a follow-up post to this here post where I outline how awful it was to tear myself a new one while giving birth to my son. This post isn’t going to be long, but just a quick check in to tell you how things are going! It’s my plan to … [Read more…]

I Tried Acupuncture to Induce Labor (AND IT WORKED!!!!)

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I’ve Been Busy Having A baby!

Hey internet!   Great news! I will finally stop complaining about this pregnancy because it’s finally over! Leo Robert was born Tuesday February 21, 2017 weighing 9lbs 1oz. It’s a grab a bowl of popcorn story so when I’m home and settled you’ll hear all about it. We are still in the hospital and the connection … [Read more…]